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Why I Provide Free Bankruptcy Consultations

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As a bankruptcy attorney I feel it is of the utmost importance to make bankruptcy protection as accessible as possible to my clients.  And the first step for me in that process it to provide a free bankruptcy consultation to those who feel bankruptcy might be needed to protect themselves and their property. 
As you probably already know all too well, debt collectors have rights.  They have the right to demand payment for debts you owe to them, they may have the right to accelerate a note, they might be able to foreclose or repossess collateral securing a debt, your creditors can file a law suit against you to collect on a debt, and when they get a judgment they can execute that judgment by garnishing your wages and bank account or forcing the liquidation of non-exempt assets you may own.
But it is not all one sided.  You have rights too. While no one wants to file a bankruptcy initially, bankruptcy is a powerful tool to protect your home from foreclosure, car from repossession, wages or bank accounts from garnishment, and most importantly, to protect those who rely on you most, your family.  Filing a chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy can provide immediate protection from almost every form of debt.  If you want to have a free and confidential consultation with a Topeka bankruptcy attorney to discuss how bankruptcy can benefit you, contact my office to schedule an appointment. 

By Adam Mack, JD