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It is important to understand that a DUI is not a traffic infraction, but a criminal charge. It can also lead to your driver’s license being suspended and restricted. Having experienced representation through a DUI lawyer in Topeka, Lawrence, or Kansas City KS protects your rights and lessens the risk of conviction for a DUI.

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Mack and Associates is a firm of attorneys serving Topeka, Lawrence, Leawood, Dodge City, Wichita and surrounding regions. Our DUI lawyer serves the communities of Topeka, Lawrence, and Kansas City, KS. We are dedicated to advocating for our clients in every aspect. Our support staff works hard to keep you informed and updated on your case. Our work reflects our values: responsiveness, efficiency, and a personalized approach for each client.

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We offer free strategy sessions for clients looking to work with us. Reach out to schedule a time to speak with a DUI lawyer at Mack & Associates, LLC and discuss the details of your specific circumstances. We’ll take the time to listen and offer experienced guidance to help find a solution for you.

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Our attorneys and staff are available to answer all of your questions and keep you informed on your case. Mack & Associates, LLC works to give you a personalized experience to make sure you are well taken care of.

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Use our “Do I have a case?” tool to help us learn about your situation. A DUI lawyer will analyze your case and help determine the best DUI defense options for you.

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