About Wage Garnishment

It can be difficult and even impossible to make ends meet on a fraction of your wages. Wage garnishment is not an immediate process, and it’s likely your creditor has been on you for months about payment. From your point of view, you may be limited on options to make payments and still afford living expenses.

Typically with wage garnishment, your creditor has taken you to court and was granted judgement to receive payment from your paycheck before you are paid. One of the most effective ways to stop garnishment is filing for bankruptcy. Mack & Associates, LLC can support you through this process as a garnishment lawyer near you in Kansas to ensure you understand your rights and feel you have a guide to come to with questions, concerns, or confusion.

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How Bankruptcy Can Stop Wage Garnishment

Bankruptcy is a viable option to oppose and stop wage garnishment through a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.

With either of these chapter options, the automatic stay is invoked. The automatic stay temporarily stops creditors from pursuing you for debt collection while you are in bankruptcy. This automatic injunction prohibits the collection of most of your debts. There may be some exceptions to the automatic stay, such as child support payments. It is important to understand the limitations of the automatic stay.

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For more information on stopping wage garnishment and filing for bankruptcy, use our simple “Do I have a case?” tool. Our garnishment lawyer near you can analyze your individual situation to find the best solution for you.

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