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Mack & Associates, LLC provides free strategy sessions to educate clients on the probate process and discuss the status of the estate, usually with the named executor or trustee or a family member to offer support and guidance.

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Mack & Associates, LLC is staffed with attorneys and personnel dedicated to advocating for our clients. If you work with a probate lawyer at any of our multiple Kansas offices, we will listen to your unique circumstances and offer guidance and support through the probate process. We reflect our values in how we serve our clients, with responsiveness, efficiency, and a personalized approach.

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Complimentary Strategy Session

Mack & Associates, LLC offers strategy sessions for prospective clients. We can offer insights and firsthand knowledge and experience on your probate situation. Our probate lawyer will take the time to understand your position and explain the process from start to finish.

Working With Mack & Associates, LLC

Our hardworking staff will keep you updated and informed while you work with us, and we will always be available to answer any of your questions. Your probate attorney will work to personalize your experience and understand your needs to find solutions that best suit you.

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Get Guidance and Support for Probate Solutions

Learn more about taking on the probate process with a probate attorney by using our “Do I have a case?” tool. A Mack & Associates, LLC attorney will assess your particular situation and help determine the best course of action for you.

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