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First, contact Mack & Associates, LLC online or by phone for a free strategy session. We strive to have a quick response turnaround since we know many of our clients’ needs are time sensitive. Our staff will direct your specific circumstance to the attorney best suited to your needs for the session.

No matter where you are located within the Kansas City, KS metropolitan area or beyond, you can meet with one of our attorneys by phone, video chat, or at one of our office locations in Leawood, Topeka, Dodge City, Lawrence, or Wichita. Our attorneys and staff are friendly and respectful, and we will work to help you feel at ease throughout our communication. During your strategy session, we will discuss your particular situation in detail. We’ll listen intently and provide options for you based on your circumstances.

Mack & Associates, LLC works hard to keep clients quickly and well informed throughout their time with us. We only advise based on your best interest, and if a particular service isn’t right for you, we’ll let you know. We may also pull in another team member to weigh in on your case if necessary. Once we begin working together, you’ll have access to our Client Portal Platform to allow easy communication, calendaring, and document access. We can also work through other preferred communication avenues if necessary.

What We Do

Bankruptcy Law

Estate Planning


DUI/DWI Defense

Guardianship/ Conservatorship

Personal Injury

Criminal Defense


Family Law

Drug Charge Defense

Why Choose Us

Why Mack & Associates, LLC?

Our firm is unique in its number of conveniently located offices, breadth of knowledge, and the tailored approach we take with each case. We have an efficient support staff and an established workflow that we personalize for every client. Mack & Associates, LLC’s balance of wide ranging practice areas creates the ability to provide for nearly all your legal needs, while delivering services with depth of knowledge, skill, and experience.

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Get started with Mack & Associates, LLC today by booking a free strategy session with one of our attorneys in Topeka and surrounding regions. We’ll discuss your case and provide strategic options and guidance that best suit your needs. We serve clients with our office locations in Leawood, Topeka, Dodge City, Lawrence, or Wichita.

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