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The Debt Mask and How Topeka Bankruptcy Attorneys Can Help!

The Debt Mask and How Topeka Bankruptcy Attorneys Can Help! by Adam Mack Many of my chapter 7 or chapter 13 cases are driven by a clearly visible financial catastrophe. Events such as divorce, illness, injury, loss of income, and many other circumstances can create financial ruin. For those of you in this category, this article is not intended for you. On the other hand, I often sit with people as we discuss their finances and they try to figure out how they ended up where they are now, considering bankruptcy. This is not an uncommon occurrence for any of the Topeka bankruptcy attorneys I know.

In the spirit of the holiday, consider the metaphorical masks we wear. As a society, it is acceptable to finance expensive cars, we take on credit cards and then max them out, we buy televisions on the store charge card, and we take out loans for Christmas gifts. And I think most people who do these things do so with good intentions and fully expect to pay off every dime of principal and interest on their loans.

But why do we do it? We would not have to finance so much if we were living within the constraints of our own budget. Maybe we do this because of our desire to appear differently to others than we really are. In other words, maybe the debt itself is a mask. As we enter this holiday season, we turn our focus to friends and loved ones. One of the most important gifts we can give to our family is the gift of financial stability. This might mean driving that late model car a little longer.

That might mean sticking with the old Plasma HDTV and not upgrading to the 4k television this year. It might even mean buying less gifts than you would like to for your family at Christmas. But what you gain through self discipline is financial peace of mind, and years of not paying interest on something you could have lived without. On the other hand, if you have already worn the “debt mask” one too many times, and you are just in too deep, then there is hope. You can explore whether bankruptcy is right for you. Topeka bankruptcy attorneys are lawyers who have focused their practice on helping people exercise their rights under the bankruptcy code to eliminate debt. Call a Topeka Bankruptcy Attorney today for a free consultation.


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