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The Dangers of Avoiding Bankruptcy

I recently heard of a true and very sad incident. A single mother of two who had been through some rough financial times found a good man, the two of them married, and the little family relocated to a new town for a fresh start. Unfortunately, they had missed a few payments on their only vehicle, and their bank sent someone to repossess it. The repo man arrived while they were home, and the husband went to confront him. While the husband was trying to negotiate with the repo man and the bank, the wife in desperation decided to hide the car. It was their only means to get to work, to get groceries for their kids, and they didn’t have enough money to replace it. So she snuck into the car and drove off.Unfortunately, the repo man was not an honorable person and he jumped in the tow truck to chase after her.  On a two-lane city street posted at 35 mph, the two of them reached speeds approaching 70 mph. After chasing her for more than 10 blocks, the repo man rammed the car with his tow truck, pushing it into a tree and killing the woman.  Now he’s being charged with manslaughter, two young children will grow up without their mother, and a newlywed is a widower.

While this is clearly not a typical scenario, as a bankruptcy attorney, it struck me to the core.  I don’t blame this family in the least, but had they pursued bankruptcy instead of trying to wing it on their own, there’s a good chance that young mother would still be alive today.  Bankruptcy exists to protect people in debt!

If your financial situation is making you feel desperate, please learn from this family’s experience and give yourself and your own loved ones a true fresh start.  If you’re overwhelmed with medical bills, if you are being garnished, if you’re facing foreclosure, repossession, or eviction, or if you’re taking out payday loans, contact us!  You’re going up against companies with their own attorneys and trained professionals (some of them good people and some of them clearly not). You deserve a qualified Kansas bankruptcy attorney to help you face them. Above all, don’t risk life and limb for your possessions! There are other, better ways to protect your property, and I’d be happy to discuss them with you.


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