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Rural Kansas

by Adam Mack, JD

If you are in need of filing bankruptcy and you live in rural Kansas, then you face challenges not encountered by others in your shoes. This is because bankruptcy is a federal court issue. This means that you cannot go to your local count court to file, you will have to file in one of three Kansas federal bankruptcy courts.  There is one in Topeka, in Wichita, and in Kansas City, KS.

So why does this matter?  It matters because you will need to be able to provide information to your Kansas bankruptcy lawyer when you are preparing your case.  You will also need to consult with your attorney about issues unique to your case.  So, if you live in rural Kansas, you need to make sure you find an attorney who is willing and able to serve you in your particular location.

For this reason, we have gone to great lengths to provide systems and technologies to help facilitate the gathering and assembly of your information from remote distances.  We use means such as our online questionnaire to allow you to provide the required information to our law firm via internet form.  We also provide means to upload, email, or fax (via our toll free fax number) information to us.  And of course if that does not work, there is always snail mail which we are happy to use if it suits you best.  We have worked with and successfully filed the cases of clients from all corners of Kansas.  We have striven to make the bankruptcy process as painless as possible for even those in the most remote reaches of our great state.

While you will usually (with only a few exceptions) be required to travel to your hearing, we can help you avoid any extra trips.  The bottom line is that, if you are considering bankruptcy, you need an ally.  You need to retain legal counsel that will go the extra mile to close the distance between you and access to bankruptcy relief.  For a free consultation, you can call us on our toll free phone number at (913) 802-2420.