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Filing Fees

by Adam Mack

To help offset costs, the courts require that bankruptcy filers pay a fee with their petition. While the amount itself that’s due is rather high for a filing fee, the courts do allow a filer to break the fee up into as many as four installments. As with Plan payments, it’s imperative that the court filing fees be paid in full and on time. If they aren’t, your case could be dismissed and you’d have to begin the bankruptcy process all over again.

Unfortunately, those fees go up from time to time, and as of June 1, 2014, they’re scheduled to increase. The chapter 7 fee will increase from $306 to $335, and the chapter 13 fee will go up from $281 to $310. Before you let sticker shock get the better of you, remember that those fees can be broken down into installments, meaning the monthly fee payment for a chapter 7 could be as little as approximately $84 and as little as about $78 per month for a chapter 13 filing fee. (In cases of poverty, the courts will sometimes waive the filing fee if asked. Speak to a qualified Kansas bankruptcy attorney to learn if you qualify for such a waiver.)


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