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Treatment of Child Support in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Kansas

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Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Kansas offers a structured way to reorganize finances under court guidance. Importantly, it’s crucial for filers to understand how the plan treats child support. This article aims to provide an insightful overview of managing child support obligations within the bankruptcy process, closely aligned with resources on www.kansasjustice.com.

The Priority of Child Support in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Treatment of child support in Chapter 13 bankruptcy gives it status as a top priority debt. Consequently, this means filers must pay child support in full during the plan, as it’s not dischargeable. The Kansas bankruptcy court emphasizes these obligations to safeguard children’s welfare.

Calculating Child Support in Your Bankruptcy Plan

Moreover, filing for Chapter 13 necessitates including child support arrears in your repayment plan. These arrears receive priority and are paid before most other debts. Therefore, accurate calculation of monthly income and expenses is crucial. The Mack & Associates team is ready to assist, ensuring your plan adheres to court standards and promotes financial recovery.

Ongoing Child Support Obligations

Furthermore, filing for Chapter 13 doesn’t exempt filers from ongoing child support payments. Filers must maintain these payments outside the plan for 3 to 5 years. Failing to do so can lead to serious consequences, including case dismissal.

Impact on Automatic Stay

Additionally, the automatic stay halts most collections but not child support enforcement. Despite bankruptcy filings, actions to modify child support orders or collect arrears may proceed. This ensures that the child’s rights and needs are always prioritized.

Navigating Complexities with Professional Guidance

Given the complexity of bankruptcy and family law, especially regarding sensitive issues like child support, seeking professional guidance is essential. Mack & Associates is committed to providing comprehensive support for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. We focus on offering clear, practical advice to help you navigate your obligations and rights regarding child support.


Finally, filing for Chapter 13 in Kansas requires thoughtful consideration of debts, with child support as a crucial priority. Understanding the treatment of child support in Chapter 13 bankruptcy is vital for compliance and financial recovery. For those dealing with bankruptcy and child support in Topeka, KS, Kansas Justice provides invaluable resources and guidance, supporting you at every step of the process.