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Zimmerman & Zimmerman Garnished You, How Do You Stop It?

by Adam Mack, J.D.

How Does Garnishment Happen

Many of my clients have had the unfortunate experience of having payday arrive just to have the sinking realization that a large portion of their check is not there. After a little investigation, they often find that their check has been garnished by a debt collection law firm, such as Zimmerman and Zimmerman PA. Garnishment is a collection method allowed under Kansas law for creditors who have sued someone and received a judgment for the court stating that the debtor owes the creditor money. After the creditor receives the judgment, the creditor can get a garnishment order from the judge and then send it to your employer, who is then required by the court's order to withhold wages from your paycheck.

How Do I Stop Garnishment

Now that we have nailed down what a garnishment is and how it happens, the big question is how can you STOP THE GARNISHMENT! One way to guarantee a garnishment stops is to file for bankruptcy protection, normally by filing either chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy. This works because bankruptcy has what is called the Automatic Stay. It is, more or less, an automatic and immediate legal injunction prohibiting debt collection and providing for sanctions against a debt collector who violates the stay. If you are tired of getting a fraction of your paycheck and need a financial fresh start, bankruptcy can give you that relief.

Please note that this article is for informational purposes only. The law is complicated. Your creditor has a lawyer, probably Zimmerman and Zimmerman if you are reading this article. You need an Topeka bankruptcy attorney to help you navigate the complicated nuances of the law. Call us today for a free consultation.

(If you found our page by accident and are trying to reach Zimmerman & Zimmerman, you can visit their website here. We are not affiliates of Zimmerman & Zimmerman.)