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How to Stop a Garnishment from Amber Brehm

by Adam Mack, J.D.

My Check Was Garnished, What Happened?

I have had many conversations with someone who calls my office in a panic because they just received their paycheck only to find about 25% of their wages were missing. They were garnished. Garnishment is a debt collection method specifically allowed by Kansas law for creditors or their attorneys, like Amber Brehm, to allow them to collect money awarded to them in a court case. After a debt collector secures a judgment against you from the court, they can have the court sign a garnishment order, which tells your employer to withhold cash from your pay check and send that money to Amber Brehm (or whichever creditor's lawyer it happens to be).

How Do I STOP the Garnishment?

Most people cannot support their family on just a portion of their income, so garnishment can be absolutely detrimental if you do not have the extra money to get you through until a judgment is paid off. So, what is the solution? A sure way to quickly stop garnishment is to file a bankruptcy. Individual people, as opposed to companies, normally file chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy. Regardless of which chapter you file, though, there is an automatic protection that goes into place called the automatic stay. This protection prohibits any debt collection efforts, including court ordered garnishments, and makes them cease immediately.

Your creditors have lawyers; you need an attorney in your corner to help you protect yourself and your family. Bankruptcy is a complicated area of law. Contact an experienced bankruptcy lawyer in the Topeka area to find out how to protect your family. You can call our office for a free, no pressure, and completely confidential consultation.

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