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We've realized that feedback from past clients is vital to the success of our business... and our ability to help other people who have legal problems, just as we helped you in the past.

Would you be kind enough to take the following 5 question survey that will help us improve our customer service and allow us to share your feedback with others?

1. How long ago did you use the services of Mack & Associates, LLC?

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2.What, generically, was your case about?
(ex: Bankruptcy)

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3. How were you treated (if applicable) by the firm's associate attorney and other staff members?
(Please rate on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the best)

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4. How did Attorney who represented you treat you? Were you treated with respect, kept up to date on your case, and did you feel comfortable that you made a good decision to hire this attorney?

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5. How would you describe your experience being represented by this attorney if a friend or family member asked you?

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