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Bankruptcy Blog

Disclaimer: These articles are for general informational use and do not constitute legal advice. Since laws change over time, it's possible some articles are out of date and for that reason, we make no representation that the articles are fully accurate. For actual, up-to-date legal advice (including a free consultation), please contact us!

Secured Debt Defined
Beautiful Home

When talking about debt, especially in the context of a bankruptcy, it is important to understand that there are different types of debt: Secured Debt, Priority Debt, and Unsecured Non-Priority Debt.Read More

Lien Avoidance and Bankruptcy

One of the primary reasons people file bankruptcy is to protect their assets from seizure, whether that asset is a paycheck that's being garnished or a house that is in foreclosure.Read More

Kansas Homestead Exemption – Is it Really Unlimited?
Beautiful Home

Kansas has an unlimited homestead exemption as long as you meet its qualifications. However, no law would be compete without its exceptions.Read More

Listing your Real Property on your Bankruptcy
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As a broad definition, real property or real estate is your land and any permanent, fixed, and immovable improvements on the land, like a house.Read More

Balloon Mortgage and Bankruptcy
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What can you do if your balloon payment is coming due and you can't come up with the money? You MIGHT find a solution by filing bankruptcy in Kansas.Read More

My House is in Foreclosure, Now What?
Petition to Foreclose

Foreclosure is the process of taking ownership of property that was securing a mortgage and there are a variety of ways to address it, including bankruptcy.Read More

Schedule A – Real Estate
Beautiful Home

Schedule A is a form that you must fill out and file as part of your bankruptcy. On this schedule you will list the real estate you own, if any, and how much it is worth.Read More

Upside Down Mortgages and Lien Stripping in Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy provides a powerful tool called lien stripping to help make house payments affordable again for people who are upside down in multiple mortgages.Read More

Homeowners Association Fees in a Kansas Bankruptcy
HOA Fees

There's a potential to be stuck paying homeowners association fees indefinitely, depending solely on how soon the bank (or another buyer) decides to act.Read More

Foreclosure: How It Starts and How to Stop It
pocket watch

Once the foreclosure process has started, the clock is ticking, but you may be able to save your home through a loan modification or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.Read More