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Bankruptcy Blog

Disclaimer: These articles are for general informational use and do not constitute legal advice. Since laws change over time, it's possible some articles are out of date and for that reason, we make no representation that the articles are fully accurate. For actual, up-to-date legal advice (including a free consultation), please contact us!

Should I File Chapter 13 or Chapter 11 to Reorganize my Debts?
Copyright:xalanx / 123RF Stock Photo

Most of the time, individuals (as opposed to business) would benefit more from a Chapter 13 than a Chapter 11, but not always. Read More

Bankruptcy: Before and After
Opening Doors and a Bright Future

To help those who are struggling financially see how bankruptcy can benefit them, here's a before-and-after look into the life of a fictitious but typical family that files bankruptcy.Read More

How to Keep Your Financial New Year's Resolutions
Growing your Piggy Bank

Financial New Year's Resolutions are usually near the top of the list. Here are five ways you can ensure those goals become reality. Read More

Buying Money for Christmas
Stop Sign for Payday Loans

As a Christmas present from me to you, here's a bit of free advice: never use payday lenders. The worst credit card out there is so much better that there isn't even a comparison. Read More

The New Chapter 13 Means Test
US Bankruptcy Court

The Courts have recently published a new version of Form 22, sometimes referred to as the means test, making it even more arduous and complicated. Read More

Inherited IRA’s
Retirement - nest egg

This summer the Supreme Court declared that one form of retirement account isn't entitled to protection in bankruptcy: the inherited IRA.Read More

Filing Bankruptcy without Your Spouse
Wedding Rings

If you are married and want to file bankruptcy in Kansas without your spouse, there are several things you need to consider.Read More

What Not To Do: Get Married Without Consulting Your Lawyer First
Wedding Rings

A couple living together decides to get married. Their first step should be to consult an attorney, especially if either or both of them are in debt.Read More

Women and Bankruptcy
Person Writing

In light of the unique challenges women face, it's no surprise to us that they are often the ones who are more proactive when it comes to finding solutions to their financial problems - including bankruptcy.Read More

Priority Debts: Domestic Support Obligations
Wedding Rings

A domestic support obligation is lawyer-speak for any financial obligation you have toward a spouse, former spouse, or child if it is ordered by a court.Read More