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Bankruptcy Blog

Disclaimer: These articles are for general informational use and do not constitute legal advice. Since laws change over time, it's possible some articles are out of date and for that reason, we make no representation that the articles are fully accurate. For actual, up-to-date legal advice (including a free consultation), please contact us!

What Not To Do: Run Up Your Credit Card Debt Ahead of a Bankruptcy
ways to spend money

If you use your credit cards more often or for higher-ticket items in the 90 days before a bankruptcy, you could wind up still on the hook for that debt.Read More

Inherited IRA’s
Retirement - nest egg

This summer the Supreme Court declared that one form of retirement account isn't entitled to protection in bankruptcy: the inherited IRA.Read More

Filing Bankruptcy without Your Spouse
Wedding Rings

If you are married and want to file bankruptcy in Kansas without your spouse, there are several things you need to consider.Read More

Court Judgments and Bankruptcy

Often, people in debt are taken to court by their creditors.Fortunately, bankruptcy can discharge most debts, and in some cases even judicial liens.Read More

Priority Debts: Taxes & Governmental Debts
American Flag

Taxes or other governmental debts are probably the second most-common priority debts individuals have to deal with, after domestic support obligations.Read More

What Not To Do: Skip Your 341 Hearing
US Bankruptcy Court

Unlike other types of court cases, in bankruptcy proceedings you only need to make one court appearance - the 341 hearing. Because of that, it's critical that you be there.Read More

What Not To Do: Misrepresent Facts To Your Attorney
stop sign

A person decides to file bankruptcy but misrepresents (or lies) to their attorney about their assets. This is a bad idea for several reasons.Read More

What Not To Do: Get Married Without Consulting Your Lawyer First
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A couple living together decides to get married. Their first step should be to consult an attorney, especially if either or both of them are in debt.Read More

What Not To Do: Borrow Money
Cash in Hand

Sometimes, when people are considering bankruptcy, they borrow money assuming they'll be able to discharge that debt in a bankruptcy. This is problematic.Read More

What Not To Do: Write Bad Checks

Sometimes people who are going to file bankruptcy decide that they can write bad checks; however, doing so carries both civil and criminal penalties.Read More