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Disclaimer: These articles are for general informational use and do not constitute legal advice. Since laws change over time, it's possible some articles are out of date and for that reason, we make no representation that the articles are fully accurate. For actual, up-to-date legal advice (including a free consultation), please contact us!
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What is the Automatic Stay and Why Do I Care?

Stop the harassment

The automatic stay is a powerful tool that can stop creditors and provide immediate relief for a person filing bankruptcy.

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Why I Provide Free Bankruptcy Consultations

Free Consultation

It is of the utmost importance that bankruptcy protection be accessible - that's why we offer free bankruptcy consultations to those who might need that protection.

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When Can I File Bankruptcy Again?

Balancing act between time and money

No one wants to file bankruptcy more than once in a lifetime, but if you have to, how soon can you file again?

Tags: Overview   Chapter 7   Chapter 13   Bankruptcy Information  

So, What is Bankruptcy, Really??

Everyone Wonders But Is Afraid To Ask

Most people have heard of bankruptcy, but many people wonder what it is, exactly.

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Bankruptcy: Before and After

Opening Doors and a Bright Future

To help those who are struggling financially see how bankruptcy can benefit them, here's a before-and-after look into the life of a fictitious but typical family that files bankruptcy.

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What Is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Petition

People who file bankruptcy under Chapter 13 restructure their debts and repay a portion of the amount owed; there are advantages and disadvantages to this.

Pencil Pushers Wearing Lawyer Hats

Bankruptcy Law book and gavel

Bankruptcy Petition Preparers often get confused with bankruptcy attorneys, but when it comes to the services they can offer, there's a world of difference.

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US Presidents Who Filed Bankruptcy - Part II

Flag with money

Whether you're an average person on the street or President of the United States, if you're in over your head in debt, please contact us. We can help!

Tags: Overview   Bankruptcy Information   Taxes And Government  

How to Keep Your Financial New Year's Resolutions

Growing your Piggy Bank

Financial New Year's Resolutions are usually near the top of the list. Here are five ways you can ensure those goals become reality.

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Buying Money for Christmas

Stop Sign for Payday Loans

As a Christmas present from me to you, here's a bit of free advice: never use payday lenders. The worst credit card out there is so much better that there isn't even a comparison.

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