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Paying Your Chapter 13 Plan Fees Electronically

Adam Mack, JD
Hillary Stirling, research assistant

Pay ElectronicallyIn order to better serve those who file bankruptcy,  the Chapter 13 Trustees in both Topeka and Kansas City, KS allow those who file bankruptcy to make their Chapter 13 plan payments electronically. Prior to these online payment options, Topeka and Kansas City, KS bankruptcy filers had to snail-mail their checks in every month or get a wage order through the courts to have the plan payment automatically deducted from their paychecks. 

Those two options are still available in all three Kansas Bankruptcy Courts.  Checks or money orders can be directly mailed to Jan Hamilton, the Topeka Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustee, at PO Box 2159, Topeka, KS 66601-2159.  Kansas City, KS filers can mail their payments to William H. Griffin, the Kansas City Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustee, at PO Box 613106, Memphis, TN 38101 (he doesn't accept payments at his Kansas City office). Laurie B. Williams, the Wichita Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustee, does not accept online payments, but Wichita filers can send their plan payments to her at PO Box 2818, Wichita KS 67201-2818.  Bankruptcy filers in all three courts can also can talk to a qualified Topeka bankruptcy attorney regarding a wage order.  

However, the online payment options being offered by the Topeka and Kansas City trustees bring the bankruptcy process a bit more solidly into the 21st Century.  Both Jan Hamilton (Topeka) and W.H. Griffin (Kansas City) accept payments through TFS Bill PayThere is a fee of $0.99 per payment via TFS Bill Pay, which is minor considering the convenience and control it gives to the bankruptcy filer.  Like most internet payments, there is a lag time of 2-3 days between the time that the payment is submitted and the time that it is credited to the trustee's account.  Anyone who uses this service should be sure to take that into account to avoid being late on a Chapter 13 payment.

Those who file bankruptcy in Kansas City, KS also have the option to send in their payments via Online ePay. There is a fee of $1.50 for payments made via that service, but those payments get processed much more quickly (1 or 2 days, depending on what the payer selects). 

With so many options, bankruptcy can be increasingly tailored to the individual needs of those who file. Contact us today to learn more!

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