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Bankruptcy Blog

Disclaimer: These articles are for general informational use and do not constitute legal advice. Since laws change over time, it's possible some articles are out of date and for that reason, we make no representation that the articles are fully accurate. For actual, up-to-date legal advice (including a free consultation), please contact us!

Special Considerations for Military Filers
American Flag

Our men and women in uniform face unique challenges and make tremendous sacrifices for their country. In recognition of that, there are several special considerations and exceptions made when a bankruptcy filer is active or retired military.Read More

My House is in Foreclosure, Now What?
Petition to Foreclose

Foreclosure is the process of taking ownership of property that was securing a mortgage and there are a variety of ways to address it, including bankruptcy.Read More

Advance Planning Bankruptcy Exemptions
pocket watch

Kansas bankruptcy law provides several exemptions for those who are planning ahead regarding the end of their lives, including an exemption for life insurance.Read More

Inheritance and Bankruptcy in Kansas
Cash in Hand

While such things are almost impossible to predict, if you do receive an inheritance while in the process of filing bankruptcy or in the six months following, it's important to know your rights and responsibilities.Read More

Person Writing

In bankruptcy, insiders are creditors (usually family) whose influence allows them to receive a more favorable repayment at the expense of other creditors.Read More

What Happens To My Pet In Bankruptcy?

While it's not an outright impossibility, it is highly unlikely that someone would lose a pet in bankruptcy, mostly due to financial considerations.Read More

An Extra Vehicle in Bankruptcy: But It’s Our Child’s Car!
Red Car

If you have an extra vehicle (or if you and your spouse together have more than two vehicles), your bankruptcy situation will be much more complicated.Read More

Is My Health Savings Account Safe in Bankruptcy?

A Health Savings Account (HSA) can be a useful tool to help prepare for medical expenses as we age, but it is not exempt under Kansas bankruptcy law.Read More

What Happens to a College Savings Account if I File Bankruptcy?
piggy bank

Kansas bankruptcy exemptions provide a means of protecting money held in a 529 Educational Savings Account, but there are limitations to this protection.Read More

The Means Test and Your Household: Not As Simple As it Sounds
Money and Calculator

A bankruptcy means test can be almost as complicated as taxes, but a good bankruptcy attorney (like a good accountant) can help you get the maximum benefit.Read More